Pilates and Barre in Esher, Thames Ditton & Molesey

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What Do the Levels Mean?


This is for clients that want to work at a gentle pace. Technique is very much the focus as are the needs of the individual .  This class is ideal for clients recovering from injury but also for clients that may want to revise the Beginner level.


This is a useful class for clients with spinal pathologies or suffering from chronic injuries or pain ie back, neck, knees, hips, shoulders, wrists, ankles, feet.  Classes are small and very tailored to the needs of the individual. Clients with neural conditions are also welcome – the aim of this class is to promote and maintain functional movement of clients with very specific needs.


This is for clients who have never done any Pilates before but may just want to try it out, or also may have been recommended by a GP or Physio. This level is about learning the basic exercises and learning to understand self awareness about how you move, how you stand and sit so your posture. It’s the basic tool kit for you to use and develop onto the next level.


This is for those clients that have done a Beginner course and wish to consolidate what they have learnt from basic mat work exercises and challenge their understanding further.


All this means is that you are familiar with the exercises – it does not mean you have to be super fit – but you should be ideally injury free.
However there are clients that attend this class and have had injuries but are able to move sufficiently and intelligently within their range according to what they have going on in their bodies. So they are body aware and movement aware and happy to challenge themselves safely. It’s a level that you can really begin to challenge yourself a bit more.


Prepare to sweat and move more dynamically.
Clients need to be injury free and able to engage at a deeper level physically and mentally. These are great for a workout and are full of surprises.


Barre Pilates
Barre classes integrate the fat-burning format of interval training with muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely reshape the entire body. Our non-impact, one-hour workout uses both the ballet barre and the mat, and targets all major muscle groups. The result is sculpted arms, flat abs, toned bottom, and elongated thighs. All clients need to be injury free.