Pilates and Barre in Esher, Thames Ditton & Molesey

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The Reformer

The Reformer uses resistance to achieve fast results. Springs provide variable resistance at the strongest part of muscle contraction and less at the beginning and end of exercises, which places less stress on tendons and ligaments. The Clinical Reformer is also perfect for rehabilitation with over 150 settings to suit virtually all heights and abilities, even children.


Cadillac Tower and Springboard

The Pilates Springboard provides an invigorating full body workout, including core strength, upper and lower body work. Both the Cadillac Tower and Springboard really help you learn to move your spine sequentially.


Contour Step Barrel

The Contour Step Barrel adds a new dimension to your workout, enhancing strength and releasing tension with exercises to release and lengthen the spine.


Ladder Barrel

Used to enhance core strength and balance, challenging the body on all planes, particularly rotation and side flexion as well as being used to release tension with exercises which lengthen the spine.